Wikipedia is a multilingual project; as such, we may have articles on one subject available in many languages

Wikipedia is a multilingual project; as such, we may have articles on one subject available in many languages. The various languages each appear in semi-separate wikis, linked by interlanguage links.This page lists Wikipedians who have volunteered to aid the translation of articles on other language Wikipedias into English. They may also be able to help you with translating reliable sources that are used to support parts of articles. The names of highly active users are made bold to make searching easier. Last general update: February 2015. Update April/May 2015 in progress.For a full list of translators in both directions, and on all Wikipedias, see m:Translators.Useful links:Note that "inactive" users can be active on other Wikimedia projects. You can check activity at Special:CentralAuth.Please enter your user name under each language you are able to translate, followed by a description of your proficiency level in the language in question and in English.The following are useful as descriptions. Feel free to add other information you think would be informative. Remember that what is relevant is your reading level in the foreign language and your writing level in English:The typical format for entries is this:* {{User | YourUsernameHere}} — Near-native Martian, fluent EnglishBy placing yourself on this list you should expect to be contacted occasionally by people requesting help in translation. There is no obligation to perform any particular translation request, but if you would rather not be contacted at all then do not add your name. You can still take on any of the requested translations without listing yourself here.Add yourself in lexicographical order and please keep any comments very short. Names of highly active users are put in bold text during the bimonthly updates. No need to add or remove this yourself.See also Wikipedia:Translation/French/Translatorswithout much Urdu/ArabicActive:Inactive